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Our Truck

Mr. Chippy's harkens back to a time past, when life was uncomplicated and childhood was indeed innocent.


We own and operate a clean, respectable, law abiding Ice Cream Truck. Your children are safe with Mr. Chippy's, be rest assured. We are fully registered with Greenville County and licensed in the State. We are proud to own an Ice Cream Truck with a trusted reputation. Not all Ice Cream Trucks are created equal. Ours is considered unique by scores of families and organizations in the area. Our reputation speaks for itself...

and we think the truck is cute too!!

                "The Teddy Bears' Picnic" song in chimes
    The tune was Composed in 1907 by John Walter Bratton
and is still used throughout England on Ice Cream Trucks in       countryside villages. Our chime was custom recorded in                      England and digitally installed in our truck.
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